Vermont Airport System Plan

The Vermont Agency of Transportation is currently in the process of updating the Vermont Airport System Plan (VASP). The VASP represents Vermont’s long-range vision and goals that will guide the integrated planning, operations, and development of Vermont’s public airports. The Plan will be developed within the framework of the State’s Three Priority Goals:

  • Making Vermont More Affordable
  • Growing the Economy
  • Protecting the Vulnerable

The VASP will include an evaluation of the adequacy and performance of Vermont’s public airports, forecasts of future performance, the setting of goals, policies, and recommendations, and an economic impact assessment.

Ultimately, the VASP will provide guidance into how Vermont’s public airports can remain safe, competitive, and responsive to its users, stakeholders, and the publics’ needs.

Plan Development Process

VASP Plan Update Timeline


VTrans wants to ensure Vermont’s airports meet the needs of airport users, stakeholders, and members of the public. Towards that end, VTrans will be scheduling a series of public meetings throughout the planning process, meeting with individual airport officials, and working with the Vermont Aviation Advisory Council (VAAC), who will serve as the project advisory committee for this Plan.

Project Advisory Committee

The VAAC is an executive-appointed council tasked with evaluating policy and making aviation recommendations to VTrans. Its members include aviation stakeholders from across the state with a broad range of knowledge and experience in airports, aviation, and other statewide issues impacting the state aviation system. VAAC meetings are being held through the course of the Plan Update to help guide the development of the Plan.

PAC Meeting 1 PowerPoint/Materials (November 10, 2016)

PAC Meeting 2 PowerPoint/Materials (February 23, 2017)

PAC Meeting 3 PowerPoint/Materials (May 11, 2017)

PAC Meeting 4 PowerPoint/Materials (March 12, 2018)

Public Meetings

Members of the public will be invited to provide input to assist in the shaping of the VASP. As part of the public involvement process, four public meetings will be scheduled and listed here.

Individuals not able to participate in public meetings are still able to provide their comments by contacting Project Manager Rick Lucas from McFarland Johnson at or by calling (978) 692-0522.


This section provides the relevant documentation of the 2018 VASP Update.

Technical Memo 1 - Introduction to the Airport System Plan (Draft)

Technical Memo 2 - System Parameters (Draft)

Technical Memo 3 - Inventory of Aviation Facilities (Draft)

Technical Memo 4 - Current System Performance (Draft)

VASP Update Documents

The following documents have been developed as part of the VASP Update:

Existing Documents

Economic Impact of Vermont's Public Use Airports (2003)

Aviation Program-Wide Business Plan (2012)


Aeronautics Environmental Program




Paul Libby
VTrans Project Manager
Phone: (802) 828-5209



Rick Lucas
McFarland Johnson Project Manager
Phone: (978) 692-0522