Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles of the VTTC

  • Provide engaged, hands-on, skills-based training whenever possible

  • Teach and train to the take-away message. Curricula, examples, exercises and demonstrations should enhance, not obscure, that message.

  • Provide educational and training opportunities from employees' first day on the job to their last.

  • Never underestimate the impact of a good teacher. Recruit the best teachers and instructors available--who are dynamic, inspiring, connected to the students, and love what they do.

  • Set high standards and measure them. Exams should be challenging and accurately measure knowledge. A certificate of completion should be a source of pride and accomplishment.

Goals of the VTTC

  • Cultivate a workforce committed to:

  • a culture of safety;
  • environmental stewardship;
  • production;
  • continual professional and personal development;
  • regulatory compliance through training and educational opportunities; and
  • sustaining a mutually respectful workplace environment.

  • Reduce employee accidents, injury, pain and suffering, workers' compensation claims, and lost work days.

  • Create safer work zones, work locations and projects.

  • Eliminate regulatory fines, penalties and exposures.

  • Serving and meeting the needs of employees and management.