What is Contract Administration?

Contract Administration is a section within the Division of Finance Administration charged with supporting the Agency's mission of meeting the need for the movement of people and goods in a safe, cost effective, environmentally sensitive, and timely manner.

The primary responsibilities of Contract Administration involve the performance of the Agency's procurement and contracting functions related to construction contracts and personal service contracts; the processing of grants, cooperative and maintenance rental agreements; and the pre-qualification of construction contractors and consultants.

The responsibilities of the Construction Contracting Unit include the review of project plans to ensure that they are biddable, the preparation of specifications, general and project special provisions, and conducting bid openings.

The Consultant Contracting Unit is involved with the active oversight and participation in the consultant selection process, preparation of request for proposals, negotiation of personal service contracts, preparation and processing of personal service contracts, maintain and monitor the status of all contract documents, as well as maintain a list of qualified consultants.

The Pre-qualification and Special Agreements Unit is responsible for administering the Agency's program for the pre-qualification of construction contractors, maintaining and updating the Agency's Policies and Procedures on Pre-qualification, evaluating and assessing contractors ability to bid on specific projects, initiating and tracking the bid analysis process and processing award letters for construction contracts. This Unit is also involved in the preparation and processing of Finance & Maintenance Agreements and the Cooperative Agreements with municipalities, railroads and sponsors of enhancement projects.

The Bid Services and Administration Unit provides overall administrative support to the Contract Administration Section. This includes selling plans, specifications and related contractual documents to the general public, as well as the State's weekly postings of Bidding Opportunities. This unit is also involved with the preparation of processing electronic bidding documents and the preparation and processing of construction contracts.

All of the staff in Contract Administration are available to provide advice, information and support to the Agency of Transportation staff, the contracting and consulting community, other state and federal agencies, and the citizens of the State of Vermont.