RFP Related Documents

VTrans Contract Administration’s Approach to Qualification of Contractors for Services:
Prior to early 2017, the VTrans Contract Administration web pages encouraged prospective contractors for services to submit a STANDARD FORM (SF) 330 Architect-Engineer Qualifications. However, because capability and suitability for these services are difficult and resource intensive to objectively assess and qualify/disqualify outside of a specific project setting, the Agency did not conduct a robust prequalification process that would resemble the process that VTrans applies to prequalification of construction contractors. 
For the above reasons, VTrans Contract Administration is discontinuing publication of what was formerly referenced as a “Qualified Consultant List with Categories.”
VTrans’ current approach to pre-filing of qualifications of contractors for services is as follows:

In accordance with 40 U.S.C. §1103(b) of the federal Brooks Act, VTrans encourages firms that may wish to provide architectural and engineering services to submit annually a statement of qualifications and performance data. However, VTrans recommends that such organizations not expend significant resources on such submittals, because it is the position and practice of VTrans that the qualifications of contractors for non-construction work must be assessed in the context of each specific project or task. VTrans does not conduct prequalification of non-construction contractors.

For prospective contractors for services who wish (at their sole option) to submit a statement of qualifications and performance data, Contract Administration encourages such firms to submit their already-existing generalized publications describing their firm and their abilities. For firms that do not yet have already-existing generalized publications describing their firm and their abilities, VTrans encourages a succinct summary, not to exceed 10 pages of 8.5x11 inch size, summarizing their background, qualifications, and performance. Such materials will be kept as a reference collection within Contract Administration, with particular filings cycled out and disposed when superseded or obsolete.