Technical Services

Alec Portalupi
Technical Services Engineer

Phone: (802) 279-3447
Fax: (802) 828-2848

Environmental Section

The Operations Environmental Program provides administration over environmental regulatory compliance and natural and cultural resource protection for the Agency of Transportation Operations Division ensuring compliance under various federal and state environmental regulatory programs, including, but not limited to Stormwater Management and Compliance; Hazardous Materials and Waste Management and Roadside Vegetation Management.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

The Technical Services Section implements, oversees, and maintains all Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) employed by VTrans. Such systems include 511/Traveler Information Webpage (, Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) (, and Dynamic Message Signs (DMS). The Agency’s Transportation Operations Center (TOC), located in Montpelier, controls several of the ITS components and maintains radio contact with all VTrans districts, as well as with the State Police.

The Agency’s Director of the ConnectVermont program and the ITS Unit Leader is Robert T. White. He can be reached at 802-522-9867.

Facilities Management

The Technical Services Section provides facilities management services to the Agency related primarily to making repairs and renovations to existing VTrans buildings and to managing new VTrans buildings projects. The section also provides limited assistance to municipalities in the form of providing sample plans for salt/sand sheds, cold storage buildings, and maintenance garages. Any municipal requests for information or plans related to such facilities should be addressed to either Tim French at 802-224-6593 or to Brad McAvoy at 802-249-1942.

Temporary Bridges

The Technical Services Section is responsible for managing the Agency’s inventory of temporary bridge components. The Agency’s Temporary Bridge Policy explains the Agency’s policy on the use of this inventory. This document also explains the procedure for requesting a temporary bridge from VTrans. Current rental rates are included in this document: Temporary Bridge Rental Rates.

Town Highway Grants

VTrans administers three separate appropriations which provide grant to municipalities for roads and bridges. These are grant programs known as Town Highway Structures, Class 2 Town Highway Roadway, and Town Highway Emergency. The statute governing these grant programs is 19 V.S.A. §3069(d), (e), and (h). The “Orange Book,” also known as the Handbook for Local Officials, provides additional guidance and information regarding these grant programs.

FHWA Emergency Relief Program

The Technical Services Section is responsible for administering the FHWA Emergency Relief (ER) Program at the state level in the event that the State of Vermont receives an FHWA ER disaster declaration. Under the the FHWA ER Program, roads and bridges on Federal-aid highways that are damaged as a direct result of a natural disaster or catastrophic failure from an external cause may be eligible for ER funding. Any questions related to this program may be addressed to either Alec Portalupi at 802-279-3447 or Sven Scribner at 802-522-8090.