Bike Plan Maps

The VTrans Bicycle Corridor Priority Map has been finalized and is the final product of Phase I. The map represents current and potential bicycle use on state roads. Bicycle use was quantified through analysis of land use patterns, bicycle access to state roads, proximity to destinations, data collected on recreational bicycling using StravaMetro data, and public input through the project’s interactive crowdsourcing map (aka WikiMap), in combination with a qualitative smoothing process using VTrans’ experience managing state roads.

Maps available for download: A high-resolution version of the map is available for download in pdf ( below) and a digital map for use in Google Earth is available here.

VTrans Bicycle Corridor Priority Map

Bicycle Corridor Property - March 2016

Map history : Draft VTrans Bicycle Corridor Priority Map

This map was presented at the Statewide Meeting #3 on December 1, 2015.

Map History: Draft Desirability Map

This map was presented at the Statewide Meeting #2 on April 30, 2015.

In the Fall of 2014 we began the VTrans On-Road Bicycle Plan, in April 2015 we developed a Draft Desirability Map of priority bicycle corridors. The Draft Desirability Map was preliminary and was presented for comment at the Statewide meeting held on April 30, 2015. Since then we have responded to comments and created the VTrans Bicycle Corridor Priority Map.

The Draft Desirability Map is shown below however this map has been replaced with the VTrans Bicycle Corridor Priority Map in response to the comments received.

Draft map

Data Input


The interactive crowdsourcing map (aka WikiMap) was part of the development of the VTrans On Road Bicycle Plan. VTrans used this crowdsourcing tool to gather information from the public about current and potential bicycle use. This was captured by asking users to select a line type when mapping a ride. The line types included:

  • State Road I like to Bike
  • State Road I bike but could be improved
  • State road I’d like to use, but needs improvement

In addition to the public input through the WikiMap and public meetings, VTrans has acquired StravaMetro data. Strava Metro is an on-line application used by bicyclists to track recreational and commuting bicycling trips. The Strava data will help to inform this project along with many common transportation data sources.