Montpelier to St. Albans Commuter Rail Feasibility Study

VTrans is studying the feasibility of a Montpelier to St. Albans Commuter Rail service as a possible alternative for existing commuter bus services. The legislative study will evaluate the financial and operational feasibility of a commuter rail service in the corridor between St. Albans, Essex Junction, and Montpelier, with connecting service to Burlington. 

The approach to the study is to frame the attributes of the potential service, the associated capital and operating costs, and the demand for the service so that the feasibility of service in the future can be better understood. The focus of the study is not to develop a plan to implement a commuter rail service. Rather, this study is to project if demand for such a service may grow sufficiently to support consideration of transitioning from the existing Green Mountain Transit Link Bus service to rail, discussions of differences from a rider’s perspective of two service modes, and a forecast, if considered feasible, when further study of a potential transition would likely be warranted.

Public and Stakeholder Engagement

The program will include a public and stakeholder involvement program, including meetings with Vermont citizens and organizations involved with rail in the state. The public and stakeholder meeting approach, topics, and calendar are found in the Project Scope & Schedule section.


Incremental findings will be discussed at public and stakeholder meetings, where feedback will also be sought. The final findings of the report will be submitted to the Vermont House and Senate Committees on Transportation on or before January 15, 2017. 

Project Scope & Schedule

Month Program When/Where?
Public Information Sessions
  • What is Commuter Rail? 
  • What is the Project Scope and Corridor? 
April 13, Pavilion Auditorium, Pavilion Office Building 109 State St, Montpelier, 3:00-7:00 PM 
April 14, Contois Auditorium, Burlington City Hall, 149 Church St, Burlington, 3:00-7:00 PM


Study Advisory Committee Meeting 
Existing Conditions
Transit Demand 
Commuter Rail Operations 
Location TBD
Study Advisory Committee Meeting 
Cost Estimate and Funding 
Public Information Session 
Commuter Rail Operations & Transit Demand 
Cost Estimate and Funding 
Early September 
Location TBD
Early September 
Location TBD
Study Advisory Meeting
Implementation Issues
Initial Project Findings
Rail Advisory Council Meeting
Project Summary
Initial Project Findings
Mid/Late November
Location TBD
Mid/Late November 
Location TBD
December Final Report Completed Late December 
January Submission to the House & Senate Committees on Transportation   January 15, 2017

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