2017 VTrans Research Symposium

Research Idea Submission Forms

The Research Section welcomes the submission of research ideas from anyone (VTrans staff, potential external researchers, etc.) throughout the year.  We have developed SIMPLE and EXPANDED forms.  Please use whichever form is best for you.  If your idea is more developed, please share them in the EXPANDED form.  These will be reviewed throughout the year with an emphasis in July (likely for shorter projects to include in our annual federal work plan) and October-November.  It may take several months for us to respond to you about your idea.

Approved Product Lists and Product Submission

***Management of the VTrans Approved Products List (APL) and the Qualified Products List (QPL) has transferred to the Materials Quality Assurance unite, please click here to be redirected to the new location.

Vermont Transportation Research Collaborative (V-TRC)

The Vermont Transportation Research Collaborative (V-TRC) V-TRC is a collaboration between the UVM Transportation Research Center (TRC) and VTrans that replaces the process previously known as the Research Advisory Committee (RAC). The V-TRC prioritizes research efforts and funding that most efficiently supports VTrans’ Mission.

Current research; Completed and Archived Research Reports

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Dr. Emily Parkany, P.E., Research Manager,