Spring Pothole Season

VTrans crews have been out doing temporary filling--and refilling--of potholes all over the state, but until the weather changes over, the frost heaves begin to settle and the hot mix plants open for the season, we are all going to have to exercise a little patience, caution and common sense when navigating the handiwork of nature's jackhammer.


We all drive these roads to work ourselves and our districts are constantly patrolling, but if you see something you think we aren't seeing, please let us know by sending an email, letting us know on Facebook, or calling your district garage. Or help us test drive VTrans Click 2 Fix by dropping a pin in the map or downloading the new app.


Springtime is pothole breeding season in Vermont. Learn what causes a pothole to form, and what Vermont is doing to keep them in check.


Birth of a Pothole - Courtesy of our friends at Michigan DOT.

Tips For Dealing With Potholes  - It's all in how you approach them.