Waterbury Area Projects

About the Projects

Over the next several years, a number of projects will be undertaken in and around Waterbury, including the rehab of both I-89 bridges, the replacement of the northbound off-ramp, the installation of a roundabout at the intersection of US2 and VT100, several paving projects, a sidewalk project and ultimately, the long-awaited Main Street project.


Roundabout Project Is Underway

Roundabout Fact Sheet


US 2 Paving Updates 

First up will be the roundabout, due to start this summer. You can see the plan here.
Public Kick-off Meeting
The public kick-off meeting was held on March 20 at Thatcher Brook Primary School. You can see the interactive presentation from the meeting here.
Community Liaison

We are working to assemble a team to help with all of the issues that may arise during this process. One of the first members to come on-board is Theresa Wood, who will be serving as our community liaison. She will be working with the local towns, villages and businesses on anticipating and addressing concerns. 


Theresa can be reached at (802) 828-1432 or theresa.wood@state.vt.us


Stay tuned to this page for updates including news on detours and other efforts to manage traffic on all the Waterbury projects.