VTrans Temporary Work Sites

As you may have heard, on Saturday afternoon a fire occurred on the 4th floor of the National Life North Building (Davis Building). It was contained as intended by the building's sprinkler system, but water caused extensive damage to VTrans offices on the 3rd and 4th floors. Assessments of the damaged space and the potential impact to our work is ongoing, but VTrans does not anticipate the displacement of employees to significantly impact current or planned projects. 

Staff who work on these floors are currently transitioning to temporary work sites and may have delayed access to email, phone, and other essential work items. It may be six to eight weeks, possibly more, before all employees will be able to return to their normal work stations. For the time being, the Agency offices, personnel, and conference rooms listed below will be impacted. We ask your patience if you have business with staff in these areas.  

If you have meetings at the National Life Building we highly recommend that you call ahead to confirm. If you do not get any response, please call the respective division’s main lines:

Highway Division, Terry Gray, 828-2663
PPAID, Beth McTear, 828-2784
Finance and Administration, Eileen Blake-Sayers, 828-2667

Impacted Areas

 3rd Floor
All Conference Rooms
Aviation ( PPAID) 
Rail (PPAID)  
Governor’s Highway Safety Program (Highway Division)
Office of Highway Safety – e.g. Crash Data, HRRR & RSA staff (Highway Division)
Civil Rights (Finance & Administration)
Hearings (Finance & Administration)
Legal Section (Finance & Administration)
Environmental Section (Highway Division)
Right of Way (Highway Division)
Permitting Services (PPAID)
4th Floor
All Conference Rooms
Municipal Assistance Bureau (Highway Division)
Highways ROW, Utilities & Survey (Highway Division)
Structures (Highway Division)
Asset Management & Performance (Highway Division)
Mapping (PPAID)
Highway Safety & Design including Pavement Management & Roadway (Highway Division)