On The Road

On The Road

                                                                                    May 20, 2019

This week I stopped into my favorite breakfast restaurant. I sat down at the table by the window and placed my order. I looked up to see the servers all standing across the table from me watching a hen and a tom turkey about to cross the road. “Here they come again,” said one. “I hope they don’t waste any time,” said the other. The hen darted across the road in a very awkward head bobbing, body bouncing kind of sprint. A quiet cheer and fist pump went up from the ladies as the turkey fluttered safely into the parking lot. But the show wasn’t over. The tom stood on the other side of the road much to the chagrin of the servers waiting for the pair to reunite in the parking lot. The longer the male turkey delayed the crossing, the more agitated the group became. “What is he waiting for?” “Come on pal get going, what’s the hold-up?” begged the members of the wait staff now crowded around my window seat. Finally, the tom hopped into the road and started across. Suddenly he just stopped and started dancing around as if he were the half time entertainment! One of the servers noticed the box truck getting closer to the dancing turkey. “Come on get out of the road, hurry up!” they called. “I can’t watch this,” said one server as she placed her hands over her eyes. The others followed her lead and covered their eyes, each one peeking out from between their fingers. The truck horn sounded a warning Wonk Wonk! The viewers were paralyzed with the fear of an impending disaster. “Guess we know what the blue-plate special will be today,” barked one of the regulars. A cold hard stare from the group got a head dropped “sorry” from the customer. As the tension reach a crescendo the second turkey hopped twice into the safety of the parking lot as the truck roared by. But instead of relief, the ladies just threw their arms up and shook their heads, with one saying “Typical male has to show off in front of his girlfriend!” “One of these days I am just not even going to look,” said another. I went back to reading the paper without comment. “Unreasonable haste is the direct road to error.” Moliere


I-89 Colchester – Between Exits 16 and 17 a bridge rehabilitation project is going on. Motorists should expect slower speeds due to lane closures between 7AM and 3PM. I-89 northbound may be reduced to one lane during the weekday AM peak hours (7AM to 2PM) and I-89 southbound may be reduced to one lane during the weekday PM peak hours (10AM to 3 PM).

I-89 Waterbury-Richmond - Night roadwork between Exits 10 and 11 includes both barrels of the interstate between 7PM and 6AM. Expect slower speeds in this work zone.

I-89 South Barre/Berlin - Ledge removal project at Exit 6 northbound in Berlin will see one-lane traffic starting this week. This project involves working on about 1400 feet of ledge that is prone to rock fall. Exit 6 will remain open until the closure period in June. Expect some slower speeds and delays this week.

I-91 In Rockingham, there is an ongoing bridge replacement project. Crews will be building the crossover route onto the northbound bridge. Expect slower speed limits in this work zone.  Please plan your morning commute accordingly.

Road Closures
Newport - VT 105 will be closed for 4 days starting on May 20 between Bear Mountain Road and the Perrault Farm. Look for detour signage.

Georgia - VT 104A will be closed May 20-24 from 9AM to 3PM.  Look for detour signage.

Franklin County - VT 105A bridge closed until the end of May 2019.
Addison County – Lincoln Gap closed.

Windsor County – Bethel Mountain Road in Rochester is closed due to flood damage.

Around the State

Brighton – VT 105 will have milling and resurfacing of the roadway at three railroad crossings.  Expect a continuous closure at the Maple Street crossing. Travelers should look for detour signage.  Expect short delays due to alternating one-lane traffic. Work hours are from 6AM to 7PM Monday through Saturday.

Orleans Village Bridge - Barton Street, VT 58 over the Barton River. Alternating one-lane traffic and slower speeds will impact traffic again this week.

Enosburg/Richford – VT 105/105A has a roadway project going on. Expect some delays.

North Hero/Grand Isle - US 2 at the drawbridge where traffic has been switched onto the temporary bridge. Work hours are 6:30AM through 6:30PM Monday through Saturday. Occasional lane closures (on Sundays) and lower speeds will impact traffic this week.

Williston – US 2 has a nighttime repaving project going on. Cold planing between 7PM and 6AM this week. Travelers should expect delays.

Essex, Jericho-Richmond - VT 117 has more excavation and drainage work this week. Expect delays and rough surfaces in this work zone.

Cabot/Danville – US 2 has some ditching and slope work this week. Slower speed limit (40mph) and alternating one-lane traffic will impact traffic again this week.

East Montpelier – VT 14 bridge replacement project has curb, guardrail and sidewalk installation this week.  Alternating one-lane traffic with slower speeds between 9AM and 3PM.

East Montpelier – VT 14 and US 2 corridor has a box culvert installation project affecting traffic. Expect delays.

Montpelier – Granite and Pioneer Streets have bike path construction going on. Expect alternating one-lane traffic and slower speeds to impact traffic flow. At the Gallison Hill end of the project the road is being widened to add bike lanes on both sides from VT 2 to the Civic Center.

Waterbury/Stowe - VT 100 rehabilitation project has two-way traffic during the day and alternating one-lane traffic during the night requiring slower speeds in the work zones. 

Waterbury - VT 2 Main Street reconstruction. Contractors are still working on storm drains this week. Expect slower speeds and short delays in the work zone. Specific information can be found at www.waterburyworks.com . Check for boil water notice.

Bethel/Royalton - VT 107 and VT 110 have a road improvement project going on. Ditching and guardrail work with some paving this week. Travelers should expect delays in these work zones.

Middlebury-Starksboro – VT 116 will have pavement marking again this week. Travelers should expect alternating one-lane traffic and slower speeds that will create some delays.

Brandon/Goshen – VT 73 has a road improvement project going on. Motorists and cyclists should expect alternating one-lane traffic and speed reductions. Expect some delays.

Rutland/Pittsford – US 7 and VT 3 will have a road improvement project starting this week. Work hours 7AM to 7PM Monday-Friday. Expect alternating one-lane traffic and delays.

Rockingham/Clarendon - VT 103 has a 42-mile road improvement project that will require a 40mph speed limit during daytime work hours. Alternating one-lane traffic will impact traffic flow in this work zone.

Manchester – VT 7A, 30 and 11 all have road improvement projects. Milling, paving and signal work this week. Daytime hours 6AM to 6PM. Nighttime hours 7PM to 6AM. Travelers should expect alternating one-lane traffic and minor delays in these work zones.

Jamaica – Winhall – VT 30 and VT 100 intersection. This paving project extends north from the Routes 30 and 100 intersection for 9 miles to the intersection of Route 11 in Winhall. Travelers should expect slower speed limits and alternating one-lane traffic. Expect delays.

Mount Holly – VT 155 has a roadway and slope remediation project with slower speeds and alternating one-lane traffic affecting traffic this week.


Safe Travels!

Brent Curtis is the Public Outreach Coordinator for the Agency of Transportation. Brent.curtis@vermont.gov

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