ADA Transition Plan

The Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans), as a direct recipient of federal transportation funding, is responsible for ensuring compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards as they relate to the provision of transportation services, activities, and programs.  In addition, VTrans remains committed to ensuring meaningful access and full participation by persons with disabilities, while seeking to remove remaining barriers to fair and dignified inclusion for people with disabilities.

VTrans completed and published its first ADA Transition Plan in May of 1995. The original plan included a comprehensive inventory of VTrans facilities, including a process for self-evaluation concerning the accessibility of those facilities.  The intended purpose of the development and implementation of an ADA Transition Plan is to evaluate existing facilities for accessibility, identify needed upgrades for improvement, and subsequently develope a plan and scheduled timeframe for making the identified accessibility improvements. 

The purpose of this 2020 Transition Plan update is to identify the accessibility improvements completed since the last Transition Plan update in 2014, resolve accessibility deficiencies as they arise and ensure compliance with current standards or guidelines, establish a plan for addressing these issues, conduct a public involvement process to gather input, and establish a clear process for receiving any accessibility complaints. 

ADA Transition Plan - 2020 Update (DRAFT)

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