Estimator Templates

The links below contains template files for use with Estimator. The templates set the unit price to the nearest cent and lock items to the existing item list.

Download 2011 Estimator® Template files

Instructions for use:

  1. Click on the one of the links above and save the zip file

  2. Extract the template XML files from the zip file and save.

  3. Open Estimator select file and import. Navigate to the location where the files were saved in step 2 and Import one of the template files.

  4. In Estimator select file and save as.

  5. In the Save as type box at the bottom of the popup select "Estimator Template Files (*.ETM). By default this should change the save location to the template folder as setup in the Estimator Global Options.

  6. In the File name box at the bottom of the popup type the name of the template.

  • For the 2011 english catalog this will be BLANK-2011ENGLISH.

  • For the 2011 metric catalog this will be BLANK-2011METRIC.

  1. Repeat steps 3 through 6 for the remaining templates.

  2. To use the templates open Estimator and select File and New and select the desired template from the list. Continue with the estimate creation.