Permitting Programs

These pages provide information about state and federal regulatory programs that affect transportation projects in Vermont.

Within each resource category are specific state and federal permitting programs, Executive Orders, and statutes that may be involved with your project. The pages follow the following format:

Program or Permit Name

This section is an introductory paragraph with external links to the statutes and regulations that govern each program. See the Regulatory Overview for an explanation of state and federal regulation citings and where to find them.

When it is Required

This section describes how a particular program might be involvled with a transportation project.

Permit Process

This section provides details on how each permitting program works, along with links and examples of documents.

Related Regulations

This section provides internal links to other pages on the Environmental Manual's website that might also affect your project.

For More Information

This section provides contact information for the regulatory authority for the permit program and external links to other related websites and documents.