Insignificant Waste Management Event

Vermont statute 10 VSA 6603 (Waste Management) provides the authority to regulate solid waste. The law is enforced through the Solid Waste Management Rules, which prescribe the limitations, siting standards, and operational requirements for waste disposal. Under the Rules, certain types of waste disposal (limited in duration and not threats to public health, safety, or the environment), are deemed “Insignificant Waste Management Events”. The regulatory authority is ANR’s Waste Management & Pollution Prevention Division, which provides the following guidance regarding Insignificant Waste Management Events.

“If properly sited and managed, the short term disposal of certain types of wastes may be determined by the Secretary of the Agency of Natural Resources (Agency) to constitute an Insignificant Waste Management Event Approval (IWMEA) under the definition found in Section 6-301(c) of the Solid Waste Management Rules (Rules). Under an IWMEA, an exemption to the Rules requiring conventional landfill disposal may be granted.

“This document has been prepared for those individuals, facilities, contractors, and businesses who desire to obtain approval from the Solid Waste Management Program (Program) of the Agency for disposal events that involve appropriate materials and siting and that will occur over a relatively short period of time, generally six months duration or less. An IWMEA will not be issued if the site was previously approved for a disposal event. In the event an applicant wants to continue to use the same site for disposal, an applicant should apply for a Categorical Disposal Certification under the provisions and requirements of Section 6-309 of the Rules.

“Determinations of qualifications for an IWMEA are premised not in terms of volumes, but are based upon a finding that disposal activity and waste materials will not result in a threat to public safety, public health, or the environment, or create a nuisance. Therefore, disposal of certain waste types determined to be inert may be considered for an IWMEA regardless of the volumes of waste involved.”

When It Is Required

The contractor is typically responsible for disposal of excess material and obtaining appropriate approvals for disposal. Contact the VTrans Project Manager or Permit Specialist if uncertain whether solid waste approvals are needed.

Permit or Approval Process

At least 30 days prior to the start of the disposal event, applicants need to submit a completed application form along with the necessary attachments and $100.00 fee. It is recommended that applicants contact the ANR Permit Specialist assigned to the ANR region where the project is located. The ANR website has a map showing regional office locations.

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