Parks and Recreation Areas

Public parks with public access, wildlife refuges, and national forests all receive special consideration under federal law. Impacts to parks, recreational and related resources may occur when acquisition is required for a transportation project or where a transportation project is so close to a wildlife refuge, for example, that it would have a deleterious effect on the resource. Impacts to these resources are regulated by the Federal Highway Administration and by the Department of the Interior.

Parks, recreational and related resources are regulated under Section 4(f) of the Department of Transportation Act of 1966 and under the Land and Water Conservation Act (Section 6(f)). Work on roads in the Green Mountain National Forest requires coordination with the Forest Service and compliance with the Memorandum of Understanding on Procedures Related to Highways over National Forest Lands between VTrans and the Forest Service. More information on these programs may be found on the following Environmental Procedures Manual web pages: