Stormwater Management

Stormwater is water from precipitation or snowmelt that does not soak into the ground and instead flows over the surface as runoff. Stormwater is of concern because of the potential to transport sediment and pollutants to surface waters. Transportation projects become involved with stormwater both during construction, when exposed soils may create erosion and water quality problems, and from permanent increases in impervious surfaces created by road construction or widening.

Stormwater is regulated in Vermont under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, which the state administers, and Vermont law 10 VSA 47, Water Pollution Control. VTrans has a Stormwater Compliance and Management Program within its Operations Division to manage stormwater compliance for transportation projects. More information on Vermont’s Stormwater Management Program may be found on the following Environmental Procedures Manual web pages:


To contact the VTrans stormwater engineer in VTrans Program Development:


Jonathan Armstrong

Project Delivery Bureau Stormwater Engineer

(802) 828-1332

To contact the VTrans stormwater compliance program in VTrans Operations:

Jennifer Callahan

Operations Stormwater Technician

(802) 498-4947