Policy Plan

The State of Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) has developed a Vermont Pedestrian and Bicycle Policy Plan to promote bicycling and walking as an integral part of the overall transportation network in Vermont.

The plan provides a brief overview of the current status of bicycling and walking in Vermont, followed by a description of VTrans’ vision, goals, objectives and overall policy relating to bicycling and walking as components of the transportation system. It explains the various actions that VTrans and other partners associated with improved bicycling and walking in the State can take to reach the goals. In addition, the plan outlines a series of performance measures that VTrans can use to evaluate progress in achieving pedestrian and bicycle system goals.

The full report is available at Vermont Pedestrian and Bicycle Policy Plan

The Plan is also available in hard copy or on CD by contacting:

Jon Kaplan, Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Manager
Local Transportation Facilities
Program Development Division
Tel: (802)-498-4742
Email: jon.kaplan@vermont.gov


Scott Bascom, Planning Coordinator
Policy and Planning Division
Tel: (802)-828-5748
Email: Scott.Bascom@vermont.gov


Technical Memo 1 - State DOT Policies

Technical Memo 2 - Facilities, Goals, Policies & Management

Technical Memo 2A - Comments, Suggestions & Input

Technical Memo 2B - Data Collection & Classification

Technical Memo 3 - Performance Measurers

Technical Memo 4 - Vision, Goals, Objectives, and Policies

Technical Memo 5 - Implementation Plan