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What’s happening the week of December 17 in Middlebury

The contractor for the Middlebury Bridge & Rail Project will concentrate on off-roadway work. Work will include completing installation of the stormwater drainage system. Excavation through 422 feet of bedrock, soil, rock and clay (a three-month task) wrapped up a few weeks ago. Next week, the contractor will continue setting manhole structures in the launch and receiving pits, connecting the three carrier pipes to those structures and then filling the bottom of the pits with flowable fill.

Travelers may experience minor, intermittent delays as construction vehicles enter and exit the work zone at the Marble Works area and at Main Street (Route 30) and Merchant Row.

Middlebury at its Finest
The Better Middlebury Partnership recently released an all-new version of its Experience Middlebury website. Featured on the website’s visually stunning home page is a large photo of the block party on Main Street when it was closed to construct a temporary bridge.

Bookmark the website and visit it often as downtown Middlebury is alive through the construction season!


An interpretation of a Mondrian composition.
The block party pictured in full swing! Copyright 2018 Better Middlebury Partnership.