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On The Road                                                                               

September 24, 2018

One of my favorite things to do is work the booth at the Vermont building at the Eastern States Exposition. This year, as always, the hours were long and it was extremely hot, but I got to speak with so many people from so many places. Most everybody had a story to tell and everyone had questions. “When will it start to snow, when do the leaves change color, what’s the big deal about winter tires, are you a real Vermonter?” It occurs to me that people still like to meet the real thing. People like to tell Jerry Booth how much they like Booth Brothers milk or Ben & Jerry how much they like their ice cream or Mark Bove how much they like his pasta sauce. It is my experience that when they know the person in front of them has roots and history in Vermont, they are quick to engage and share their connection. Glossy photographs, staged scenes and catchy slogans are one thing, but a hand shake and a little family background, history and a couple of stories goes a long way. We all have the same thing in common: we love Vermont. In the words of Pearl S. Buck “All in all, Vermont is a jewel state, small but precious.”



I-89 in Georgia will be affected by ledge work. More active paving between Montpelier and Waterbury for 10.7 miles. Night work between 7PM and 6AM in both northbound and southbound lanes. The speed limit has been reduced to 55 mph in the work zone. Paving the Exits 7, 8, 9, 10  ramps will require a short nighttime closures.
I-91 Derby Line U.S. Customs Station on I-91. Motorists should expect traffic control, shifting lanes and delays. In Rockingham there is a bridge replacement project with median crossovers and lane closures.  Work hours 5PM – 5AM Monday – Friday. Both northbound and southbound lanes have speed and lane reductions. Gilford-Brattleboro paving is set for final paving and markings this week
Road Closures
Franklin County - VT 105A bridge closed until the end of May 2019.
Morristown - VT 15A is closed until October 5.
Danville – Joe’s Brook Road closed. Seek alternate route.
Cabot - Danville Hill Road closed.
Cavendish - Depot Street Bridge is closed. Look for posted detours.
Around the State

Richford/ Enosburg – VT 105/105A will have alternating one-lane traffic this week. There is also a bridge closure on 105A requiring a detour.
Derby - Caswell Avenue bridge closed for bridge work. Signed detour in place. Expect one-lane closures from time to time on I-91. The bridge will get some paving next week if weather permits.
Beecher Falls – the Bridge Street Bridge to N.H. is closed.
Swanton – US 7 paving and other roadwork. Drivers should expect lane closures and delays.
North Hero/Grand Isle - US 2 at the drawbridge is open to two lanes of traffic. The bridge will open for marine traffic at the top of the hour between 8AM and 8PM daily through October 15, 2018. At 8:30AM Monday mornings the bridge will open for greasing.

South Burlington – Williston - US 2 has drainage work going on.
Morristown - VT 15A near junction of VT 15 has a long-term roadway project causing delays. VT 15 will have two-way traffic this week. VT 15A will close for three weeks starting 9/17. Re-opening is set for Friday 10/5.

Cabot/Danville – U S2 A slower speed limit will affect traffic this week. Please note that traffic has been switched over to the new bridges.
Danville – Joe’s Brook Road 1.6 miles from Barnet town line is closed. Seek alternate route.
Cabot – Danville Hill Road closed for construction. Local traffic only.
Colchester – US 7/2, 2A has line-striping and new route signs being installed this week. Motorists should expect delays.

Underhill – VT 15 will have culvert and signal work starting 9/17. Expect short delays.
Jericho - VT 15 has a road improvement project going on. Work on this project will be sporadic for the next month. Traffic signals are scheduled to arrive in mid-October.
Essex, Jericho-Richmond - VT 117 has a road rehabilitation project. Slower speeds and alternating one-lane travel should be expected. There is a rough road surface in this work zone. Motorists should seek alternate routes.  Traffic will be delayed especially during commuting hours. Drivers should expect delays throughout this work zone.
Danville - US 2 has a roadway reconstruction project going on. Motorists should expect slower traffic through multiple work zones. Motorists are advised that a traffic pattern change will be in effect at the temporary bridge, and the existing bridge will be closed. Expect alternating one-way traffic in the work zones. This week 35 mph speed limits in this work zone will cause delays..

Waterbury Center - VT 100 has a major reconstruction project going on. Work hours 7PM to 6AM, Sunday night through Thursday night. Beware of road surface in this work zone. Expect delays, lane and speed reductions.
Middlesex - US 2 has an ongoing bridge replacement project over I-89. Look for milling and drainage work this week. Lane closures and delays should be expected.

Montpelier - VT 12 (Northfield Street) is finishing up a road improvement project. There is no more detour. Alternating one-lane traffic should be expected.

East Montpelier - VT 14/US 2 intersection has a bridge replacement project that includes a temporary bridge.  Expect a 25-mph speed limit and short interruptions to traffic in this work zone.
Moretown - VT 100B has a bridge project with one lane and traffic signals.
Charlotte – There will be no work on this project until further notice.
Middlebury – has a Bridge and Rail project going on. Most of the work this week will occur outside the roadway.

Middlebury – US 7 starting the week of October 8 crews will be constructing a left turn land, reconstructing the shoulder area and paving an overlay from Foote Street to South Middle Road. Two-way traffic will be maintained.
Middlebury/Starksboro - VT 116 has major roadwork finishing up.  Alternating one-lane traffic will cause delays in this work zone.
Brandon – US 7 will see more road reconstruction with delays and lane restrictions soon. Expect delays as construction continues. Speed restricted to 15 mph in the work zone.
Brandon / Goshen – VT 73 has a road improvement project with alternating one-lane traffic and slower speed limits causing delays.
Rockingham / Clarendon - VT 103 has a road improvement project going on. Multiple work zones, slower speeds will affect traffic this week. Expect alternating one-lane traffic and reduced speeds causing delays. Motorists should add extra time to their travel plans.
Manchester – VT 7A, 30 and 11 all have paving projects going on. Daytime hours 6AM to 6PM. Nighttime hours 6PM to 6AM. Drivers expect alternating one-lane traffic.

Jamaica/Winhall - VT 30 has a road reclaim and paving project starting this week. This is a 9 mile project from Jamaica to the intersection of VT 11 in Winhall.
Wallingford – VT 140 has erosion work going on. Alternating one-lane traffic and slower speed will affect travel again this week.
Mount Holly – VT 155 has a culvert project with flaggers that will slow traffic. Saturday work from 7AM until noon. Expect delays.
Bennington - VT 9 and VT 7 have paving projects with lane closures and slower speeds. There will be some paving this week. On VT 7 this week. Expect delays.
Bennington – VT 67 and 67A has paving projects.  Shim coat expected on VT 7 and VT 67 and 67A this week. Expect delays.

Wilmington - VT 9 is reduced to one lane due to slope failure. There will be 14-foot lane restrictions in place until further notice. Expect delays.
Brattleboro – On VT 9 look for alternating one-lane traffic causing delays due to a sign and structure project.
Brent Curtis is the Public Outreach Coordinator for the Agency of Transportation. Brent.curtis@vermont.gov Check out the On The Road page athttp://vtrans.vermont.gov/on-the-road




Brent Curtis is the Public Outreach Coordinator for the Agency of Transportation. Brent.curtis@vermont.gov

Check out the On The Road page at http://vtrans.vermont.gov/on-the-road

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