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Construction Updates

A line of orange VTrans dump trucks on the interstate next to a roadway project with exposed dirt and grader

The following is a list of construction projects that have dedicated personnel to help keep the public informed on the progress of projects, answer questions, and hear concerns. To receive weekly updates for a specific project, please contact the corresponding public information consultant and reference the project you'd like to follow.

*If you are a member of the media and want more information about a specific project, please reach out to Amy Tatko:

Municipality Project  Description Public Info Consultant
Andover Andover BF 0132(14) Replacement of Bridge No. 9 on TH 1 in Andover over the Trout Brook Delia Makhetha -
Barre City Barre City HES 037-1(8) Improvements to the intersection of VT Route 14 (Maple Avenue) and Merchant Street in Barre City, including a realignment of Merchant Street. Leah Kostick -
Barre Town Barre Town BF 0169(12) Replacement of Bridge No. 21 along VT Route 110 in Barre Town over Jail Brook Leah Kostick -
Barton to Derby IM Surf(71) Barton Resurfacing of I-91 from Barton to Derby Bethany Oprendek -
Belvidere Belvidere STP CULV(77) Culvert Replacement along VT Route 109 in Belvidere Stephanie Barrett -

NH SURF(81) Bennington

Resurfacing of VT Route 279 in Bennington

Marcy Miller -


NH SURF(82) Bennington

Resurfacing of U.S. Route 7 in Bennington

Marcy Miller -

Bennington - Pownal

NH SURF(72) Pownal

Resurfacing of U.S. Route 7 beginning at the Massachusetts/Vermont State border extending north to Bennington Marcy Miller -

Berlin BF 026-1(43)

Construction of a new bridge along U.S. Route 302 over Stevens Branch in Berlin Leah Kostick -
Bradford IM 091-2(88)C/2 Bradford Multiple bridge rehabilitations along I-91 in Bradford Bethany Oprendek -
Brattleboro Brattleboro - Hinsdale, NH Bridge NHDOT project - replaces the existing twin truss bridges on VT/NH 119 over the Connecticut River with a new structure Bethany Oprendek -
Brattleboro Brattleboro I-91 Bridge Replacements Rehabilitation of Bridges 4N&S located on I-91 at Exit #1 in Brattleboro crossing U.S. Route 5 (Canal Street). Maria Esguerra -
Brattleboro - Newfane STP 2940(1) Brattleboro Resurfacing of VT Route 30 through Brattleboro, Dummerston, and Newfane  Delia Makhetha -
Brookfield to Montpelier

IM 089-1(69) Brookfield

Resurfacing on I-89 Northbound from Brookfield to Montpelier Stephanie Barrett -
Burlington NH PC22(1) Burlington Paving along U.S. Route 7, U.S. Route 2, and U.S. 7 ALT (Main Street, Shelburne Road, South Willard Street, North Willard Street, Hyde Street, Riverside Ave, St. Paul Street, South Winooski Ave, North Winooski Ave) Natalie Boyle -
Burlington BURLINGTON - HES 5000(18) Roadway improvement project that installs a new roundabout along U.S. Route 7 (Shelburne Street) Annabelle Dally -
Charlotte - South Burlington NH PS22(2) Charlotte Resurfacing of U.S. Route 7 between Charlotte and South Burlington Natalie Boyle -
Chester Chester BF 025-1(46) Replacement of Bridge No. 14 on VT Route 103 in Chester over the Williams River and Green Mountain Railroad Annabelle Dally -
Colchester COLCHESTER - HES NH 5600(14) Installation of Vermont's first Diverging Diamond Interchange at I-89 Exit 16 in Colchester Annabelle Dally -
Essex NH 033-1(26) Essex Resurfacing of VT Route 289 in Essex Stephanie Barrett -
Essex - Colchester STP 0207(4) Essex Resurfacing of VT Route 2A from Essex to Colchester (also includes a short segment of VT Route 127) Stephanie Barrett -
Fairlee - St. Johnsbury IM 091-2(88) Fairlee Rehabilitation of several bridges along I-91 between Fairlee and St. Johnsbury Bethany Oprendek -
Hartford HARTFORD (QUECHEE) - NH 020-2(45) C/1 Rehabilitation of the Quechee Gorge Bridge Marcy Miller -
Hartford BO 1444(60) Hartford Replacement of Bridge 7 on TH-6 over the White River, including a new alignment Delia Makhetha -

BF 020-2(50) Killington

Construction of a new precast concrete box culvert along U.S. Route 4 in Killington approximately 1.4 miles east of the junction with VT Route 100 Leah Kostick -

BF 020-2(42) Killington

Replacement of Bridge No. 33 on U.S. Route 4 in Killington over the Ottauquechee River Leah Kostick -
Lyndon - Barton IM 091-3(55) Lyndon Paving along I-91 between Lyndon and Barton Hannah Brockhaus -
Marshfield, Cabot, West Danville

NH PS19(1) Marshfield

Resurfacing along U.S. Route 2 from Marshfield to Danville Delia Makhetha -
Montgomery STP DECK(40) Montgomery Replacement of deck and other bridge work on Bridge No. 19 along VT Route 118 over Trout River Stephanie Barrett -
Montgomery STP DECK (47) Montgomery Replacement of deck and other bridge work on Bridge No. 20 along VT Route 118 over West Hill Brook Stephanie Barrett -

STP PC24(3) Montpelier

Paving along U.S. Route 302 and U.S. Route 2 in Montpelier Leah Kostick -

NH PC24(2) Montpelier

Paving along U.S. Route 2 beginning at Bailey Ave intersection in Montpelier on U.S. Route 2  progressing to the Berlin/Montpelier townline. Leah Kostick -

STP CULV (46) Morgan

Culvert rehabilitation project along VT Route 111 in Morgan Natalie Boyle -
New Haven

HES 032-1(8) New Haven

Realignment of the VT Route 17/East Street intersection in New Haven Elisabeth Sundberg -
North Hero - Alburgh NH BF028-1(30) Replacement of concrete deck on bridge along U.S. Route 2 in North Hero over the Alburgh Passage Natalie Boyle -
North Hero - Grand Isle NORTH HERO-GRAND ISLE BHF 028-1(26) Remove and replace the drawbridge connecting North Hero and Grand Isle along U.S. Route 2 Jacquie Dagesse -
Poultney Poultney BO 1443(53) Replacement of Bridge No. 7 on TH-6 (On the Green) in Poultney over the Poultney River Bethany Oprendek -
Richford Richford ER_P20-1(806) Replacement of Bridge No. 30 located on VT Route 105 in Richford  Stephanie Barrett -
Richmond IM 089-2(52) Richmond Replacement of Bridge No. 29 on U.S. route 2 in Richmond over I-89. Stephanie Barrett -
Richmond - Bolton  STP 2924(1) Richmond Resurfacing of U.S. Route 2 from Richmond to Bolton Stephanie Barrett -
Royalton BF 0147(29) Royalton Replacement NECR bridge over VT Route 14 in Royalton, including a realignment of the roadway Elisabeth Sundberg -
Stowe STPG SGNL(52) Stowe Installation of a new traffic signal at the VT Route 100/West Hill Road (TH 6) intersection in Stowe Marcy Miller -
Westminster WESTMINSTER - IM 091-1(70)  Replacement of decks and bearings on Bridges No. 21 North and South on I-91 over VT Route 121 in Westminster Natalie Boyle -
Westminster WESTMINSTER BF 0126(13) Rehabilitation of Bridge No. 5 on Saxtons River Road in Westminster Natalie Boyle -
Westminster to Springfield

IM 091-1(86) Westminster

Resurfacing of I-91 Northbound from Westminster to Springfield Leah Kostick -
Williston STP M 5500(7)S Williston Reconstruction of intersection at U.S. Route 2 and Industrial Ave in Williston Stephanie Barrett -
Williston CMG PARK(29) Williston Development of a Park & Ride facility in the area of I-89 Exit 12 in Williston Natalie Boyle -
Wilmington - Brattleboro NH 2971(1) Wilmington Resurfacing of VT Route 9 between Wilmington and Brattleboro Delia Makhetha -
Winooski NH PC22(2) Winooski Paving along U.S. Route 7 and VT Route 15 in Winooski Natalie Boyle -
Woodford WOODFORD NH 010-1(51) Ledge removal and stabilization project along VT Route 9 in Woodford Natalie Boyle -