About the Quechee Gorge Bridge

The Quechee Gorge Bridge on US Route 4 in Hartford is one of Vermont’s most stunning and historic bridges. Rising 165 feet over the Ottauquechee River, it was constructed as a railway bridge in 1911 and converted to a roadway bridge in the 1930s. The Vermont Agency of Transportation (AOT) is planning major rehabilitation to improve safety and to preserve the bridge.

Upper Pedestrian Safety Rail Design for Quechee Bridge

The designer's rendering illustrates the future Quechee Gorge Bridge railing. The team recently updated traffic management plans to ensure a safe and efficient work zone once the project goes to construction in 2021.

Project Team Updates Traffic Management Plans

We are happy to inform you that our team is advancing the final plans for the Quechee Gorge Bridge Project. We are scheduled to go to bid for contractors in the coming weeks.

After much discussion, AOT has decided that the project requires a continuous single lane of traffic for the duration of the construction season.

This decision is different from what our team had originally planned and presented. However, as AOT has refined final details, it is clear that a single travel lane, controlled on either end of the bridge by a traffic signal, is essential to maintain adequate room for construction activities.

The change is necessary to complete the construction in two full seasons. One sidewalk on the bridge will be open at all times with designated crosswalks at each end for access to parking areas, shops, and the visitor center. This traffic management strategy also increases the safety of workers and travelers.

Construction of the Quechee Gorge Bridge will span two years. Activities will pause for part of each year to accommodate seasonal tourism and winter weather. The initial construction season will begin in the late winter or early spring of 2021, and conclude by September 23, 2021. The same cycle will occur in 2022.

Our team will host a public meeting (likely virtual) once a contractor is selected. The meeting will occur in Winter 2021. Stay tuned for details!