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Capital Programs

Welcome to VTrans Transportation Program and budget information. Below are a list of links to the VTrans Transportation Program and budget documents. Please select the desired document by clicking on the link associated with it.

Transportation Program

FY 2025 Transportation Program (as passed)
FY 2024 Transportation Program (as passed)
FY 2023 Transportation Program (as passed)
FY 2022 Transportation Program (as passed)
FY 2021 Transportation Program (as passed)
FY 2020 Transportation Program (as passed)
FY 2019 Transportation Program (as passed)
FY 2018 Transportation Program (as passed)
FY 2017 Transportation Program (as passed)
FY 2016 Transportation Program (as passed)
FY 2015 Transportation Program (as passed)
FY 2014 Transportation Program (as passed)
FY 2013 Transportation Program
FY 2012 Transportation Program
FY 2011 Transportation Program
FY 2010 Transportation Program
FY 2009 Transportation Program
FY 2008 Transportation Program

Budget Highlights

FY 2020 Budget Highlights (as passed)
FY 2019 Budget Highlights (Governor Recommend)
FY 2018 Budget Highlights (Governor Recommend)
FY 2017 Budget Highlights (as passed)
FY 2016 Budget Highlights (Governor Recommend)
FY 2015 Budget Highlights (Governor Recommend)
FY 2011 Budget Highlights (as passed)

Budget Reports

FY 2025 Budget Reports (Governor Recommend)
FY 2024 Budget Reports (Governor Recommend)
FY 2023 Budget Reports (Governor Recommend)
FY 2022 Budget Reports (Governor Recommend)
FY 2021 Budget Reports (Governor Recommend)
FY 2020 Budget Reports (Governor Recommend)
FY 2019 Budget Reports (Governor Recommend)
FY 2018 Budget Reports (Governor Recommend)
FY 2017 Budget Reports (Governor Recommend)
FY 2016 Budget Reports (Governor Recommend)
FY 2015 Budget Reports (Governor Recommend)
FY 2014 Budget Reports (Governor Recommend)
FY 2013 Budget Reports