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Pre-Contract and Specifications Office

The Pre-Contract and Specifications Office (PC&S) works to improve the overall consistency of the Agency’s contracts by reviewing all Agency administered construction project proposals to ensure that they are biddable, accurate, and are in compliance with all specifications. 

PC&S works as a liaison between the Project Managers and Contract Administration. Staff provide guidance and technical expertise regarding specifications and ensure that all proposals are accurate and complete prior to advertising. Staff review project plans, specifications, and estimates (PSE) to ensure that the project is biddable, and ensure that the work to be performed by the contractor is clearly specified and covered under an appropriate pay item.

PC&S also manages VTrans’ specifications, working closely with subject matter experts to write, update, edit, and format them. Staff works to ensure that all specifications are complete, accurate, and useful, and that they are consistently applied to all contracts. Current and former specifications can be accessed on the Vermont Specifications page.

PC&S Staff Contact Information

Name Job Title E-Mail Phone
Wendy Ducey Pre-Contract and Specifications Manager 802-279-1417
Jack Dugdale Pre-Contract and Specifications Coordinator 802-828-3397
Sandy Schmitt Pre-Contract and Specifications Coordinator 802-279-2564
PC&S Office E-Mail N/A N/A