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Regional Construction Offices

The Regional Construction Offices are responsible for the supervision of personnel assigned to monitor each Agency contract being administered in the field. The Regional Construction Offices:
  • check materials and layout to ensure conformity with project plans and specifications;
  • initiate payment to Contractors for work done; and,
  • record all details of each project, including subcontractors used, wage rates, waste areas, and material supplies.

The offices provide full documentation of all aspects of each project being administered in the field and provide oversight of most capital improvement projects with full-time resident engineers, as required by the Code of Federal Regulations. Staff are located statewide, in three regional offices: Colchester, Mendon and White River Junction. Construction is collocated with staff from the Maintenance and Operations Bureau in the Colchester, Mendon and White River Junction facilities. The primary tasks of the Regional Construction Offices are: to provide full oversight of contractor work; to ensure timely reimbursement for the work; and, to prepare the required documentation necessary to ensure full federal participation.

The Statewide Construction Contract Manager administers the Statewide contracts that the Section oversee's. This position manages the reduced inspection program for low risk projects including select ID/IQ projects.


Kara Yelinek

Regional Construction Engineer
189 Troy Ave
Colchester, VT 05446
Telephone: (802) 595-4655


Seth Hisman

(To Include District 4 Area)
Regional Construction Engineer
223 Beswick Drive
White River Junction, VT 05001
Telephone: (802) 917-2458


Ann L. Gammell, P.E.

(To Include District 2 Area)
Regional Construction Engineer
61 Valley View
Mendon, VT 05701
Telephone: (802) 522-5719

Statewide Projects

Demetrio Koloseus-Gagnon

Statewide Construction Contract Manager
61 Valley View
Mendon, VT 05701
Telephone: (802) 595-6527