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Construction Services

The Construction Services Unit within the Construction and Materials Bureau supports the Construction Sections field inspection staff. This work is accomplished by subject matter experts in the areas of Paving, Structures, Environmental Compliance, Workzone Safety and Specifications. Their work includes, but is not limited to: field inspection, review of plans and fabrication drawings, development of specifications, contract review, guidance, and facilitation between State and Federal regulatory agencies. In addition, the Finals Office of the Unit is responsible for auditing field records and ensuring final payment made to contractors is executed in accordance with the contract documents. The Finals Engineer is also responsible for archiving project as-built plans and records.

William Farley, P.E.

Construction Services Engineer
Phone: (802) 279-8143


Colin Judge, P.E.

Construction Environmental Engineer
Phone: (802) 279-5461


Jesse Ives

Construction Finals Engineer
Phone: (802) 279-6284


Matthew Birchard

Interim Construction Paving Engineer
Phone: (802) 498-8348

Pre-Contract and Specifications

Wendy Ducey

Pre-Contract and Specifications Manager
Phone: (802) 279-1417


Taylor Waring, P.E.

Construction Structures Engineer
Phone: (802) 371-8442

Water Testing

Jesse Ives

Construction Finals Engineer
Phone: (802) 279-6284

Work Zone Safety

Nancy Avery, P.E.

Construction Work Zone Safety Engineer
Phone: (802) 279-5991