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Agency of Transportation Administrative Rules

The Agency of Transportation, including the Department of Motor Vehicles, is responsible to promulgate, amend, or repeal Administrative Rules as per the Vermont Administrative Procedures Act, Vermont Statutes Annotated Title 3 Chapter 25.

Public Invited to Provide Input

Like all state agencies and departments, AOT is obligated to review its Rules periodically and take appropriate action when changes are needed.  Members of the public are invited to provide input on proposed activity regarding Administrative Rules.  Comments may be submitted by USPS mail, electronic mail, or at a public hearing held for that purpose.  All comments received before the close of any comment period are available for viewing by the public and include any personally identifiable and/or confidential information that is included in the comment.

Rule Making is a People Powered Process

“An Agency shall initiate rulemaking to adopt as a rule an existing practice or procedure when so requested by 25 or more persons or by the Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules”, per 3 VSA 831(c).  “A person may submit a written request to an agency asking the agency to adopt, amend, or repeal a procedure or rule”, per 3 VSA 806(a).

Additional Resources:
Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (LCAR) and Proposed Rule Posting  (Secretary of State)

Interagency Committee on Administrative Rules (ICAR)

Code of Vermont Rules: Transportation Agency 14

Transportation Board

Travel Information Council

V.S.A. Title 10: Conservation and Development

Per request of the Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules, and pursuant to 3 V.S.A. Sect. 834(a), the following obsolete administrative rules expired on January 10, 2020.  VT Agency of Transportation staff has thoroughly researched these outdated and inapplicable rules and has determined them to be in need of repeal.

Any questions should be directed to:

Mike Obuchowski | 802-793-5103   |

AOT Rule Repeals