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CMS9: Bridge-Stream Network Assessments to Identify Sensitive Structural and Hydraulic Parameters for Planning Flood Mitigation

As featured in the February 22, 2022 Research and Innovation Newsletter: Can 2D hydraulic modeling help address stakeholder concerns about the potential impacts of bridge projects?

Brief Project Description: Tropical Storm Irene resulted in considerable monetary damages to infrastructure and property in Vermont and neighboring states, including damages to and failure of hundreds of bridges. Interactions among rivers, hydraulic structures and surrounding hydrogeological features are not well-established or understood at the river network scale. In this work, we attempt to quantify the interactions between a river and its surrounding infrastructure under high-risk, transient conditions to help assess a number of flood mitigation strategies. The analysis results are compared and contrasted across three study sites in an attempt to develop a risk assessment at the bridge-stream network level.

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Presenters: Rachel Seigel, University of Vermont

VTrans Champion and TAC Members: Nick Wark, Jeff DeGraff, Jaron Borg (ANR - DEC)

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