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ENV5: Surveying and Cataloguing the State's Cultural Resources using GIS: Recent Progress and Next Steps

Brief Project Description: The VTrans Cultural Resources Team and VHB have developed GIS and web-based tools to collect, archive, and share information concerning historic and archaeological resources. Using the Section 106 mitigation requirements of Middlebury WRCS(23) as an impetus, VHB created custom applications using Esri’s ArcGIS Collector and Survey 123 to document Middlebury’s historic resources using mobile devices. A web map is used to review and share this information. VTrans and VHB are now evaluating next steps: how to incorporate existing non-spatial data managed by VDHP into the GIS to facilitate future project review and eventually provide a resource for users outside VTrans.

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Presenters: Judith Ehrlich/VTrans, Brad Ketterling/VHB

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