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Public Transit Rides

Brief Project Description: This project will provide solutions to cost-effectively and efficiently sanitize public transit vehicles to combat the spread of surface and airborne viruses to Vermont transit providers. This project has two overarching objectives:

  • To test vehicle, facility, equipment, and/or infrastructure cleaning and disinfection, the team will:
    • Test far-UVC and UVC light products to determine effectiveness of sanitization in vehicles
    • Design and implement UVC research on full size buses and cutaways operated on fixed routes and volunteer driver vehicles, who provide on-demand service in rural areas
  • To determine measures that strengthen public confidence in transit, the team will:
    • Conduct public opinion research to determine how transit riders and the public respond to UV lighting, concerns that are raised or addressed with this intervention and whether this method of cleaning vehicles increases confidence in public transit.



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Presenter: Daniel Currier, VTrans

Contact: Daniel Currier,