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Vermont Route 22A Corridor Projects

In November 2021 VTrans sent a letter to interested parties about some upcoming projects along the Vermont Route 22A corridor and how projects are developed.  Click here for a copy of that letter. 

Safety is always our top priority, and during Thanksgiving week 2021, we launched a multi-media highway safety campaign for the VT-22A area using new creative materials produced in recent months for our Drive Well Vermont communication campaign. The messages focus on speed and aggressive driving. The video, radio spot, social media ads, website ads, signs, and posters will reach as many drivers as possible in the area of VT-22A. This campaign is scheduled to run for three months. 

The following list gives a summary of existing and planned projects along the Vermont Route 22A Corridor over the next 5 years.  Additional information will be added as it becomes available. 

WEST HAVEN to ORWELL - SPAV(13) - Construction completed Fall 2021 

  • In November 2021, the maintenance team filled in key locations along the route with hot mix asphalt to help improve the pavement condition beginning in West Haven extending north to Orwell. 

FAIR HAVEN to ORWELL - STP FPAV(61) - Construction expected 2022 

  • This project begins at the North end of the Fair Haven Village limits and extends approximately 15 miles to VT 73 in Orwell  
  • This project will include course-milling and replacement of approximately 1 ½ inches of pavement to improve the condition of the riding surface as well as centerline rumble strips in accordance with AOT policies, where appropriate. There will be no additional widening or other treatments included at this time. 
  • Click here for a map of the project area
  • Project Factsheet

WEST HAVEN to BENSON - STP 017-1(16) - Construction expected 2025 onwards 

  • This project starts approximately ¾ of a mile north of the VT Route 22A intersection with Main Road in West Haven near where the existing road transitions from a section with wider shoulders to a section with narrower shoulders.  This project extends 2.988 miles north ending in Benson, just over one mile south of the VT Route 22A intersection with Mill Pond Road.  
  • Project will include roadway and shoulder widening, geometric, and intersection improvements.
  • Project is scheduled to advertise in 2025/2026 with construction to follow 
  • Click here for a map of the Widening Project areas
  • Project Factsheet

BENSON - STP 017-1(17) - Construction expected 2025 onwards 

ORWELL - STP 017-1(18) - Construction expected 2025 onwards  

ORWELL - ADDISON STP PS25(2) - Construction expected 2025/2026 

  • This project begins at VT 73 in Orwell and extends approximately 20 miles to Addison 
  • This reclamation project will include rehabilitation of a portion of the subbase and will provide longer-term benefits within the existing footprint. The scope of this project is more substantial than the Fair Haven-Orwell STP FPAV(61) project, requiring more time to develop a design and advance to construction.
  • Project number not yet assigned – project is still in the programming phase
  • Click here for a map of the Reclaim project area
  • Factsheet with additional information is forthcoming

VERGENNES Planning and Environment Linkages (PEL) study - STP 017-1(15) – Study 2021 thru 2023 

  • This study has been initiated to evaluate alternatives to help alleviate concerns and impacts from truck volumes through downtown Vergennes. With appropriate alternatives identified, a future project will be able to be further evaluated for funding through the Vermont Project Selection and Prioritization Process (VPSP2) and programmed as a future project.  
  • For more information visit 


To see interactive maps of some of the active projects and existing conditions, please visit VTransparency.  Please note that the projects due to be constructed in 2025 onwards are not yet shown on the construction maps, but will be added as they get closer. 

Please direct all comments and questions to:

Bruce Martin – – 802-595-9653