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About the Office of Civil Rights

The Office of Civil Rights is the focal point for equal opportunity compliance activities and functions conducted throughout the state.

We are responsible for overseeing VTrans internal and external civil rights programs, insuring compliance with all federal and state civil rights and non-discrimination laws and requirements, and acting to move forward the Agency’s civil rights goals and objectives.

Working closely with VTrans leadership and in partnership with other Agency Divisions, the Office of Civil Rights administers the following mandatory civil rights programs: Internal and External Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Programs, Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) Program, Contractor Compliance Program, Supportive Services Programs (DBE and on-the-Job Training), Labor and Wage Compliance Program, Title VI Program, and ADA Program.

The Office of Civil Rights strives to be the catalyst that facilitates and supports equity principles throughout the organization utilizing a proactive, interdisciplinary strategy to fulfill the following goals and objectives:

  • To proactively provide strategies and/or remedies to promote equity, inclusion and fairness.
  • To engage all parties respectfully and promote a culture of respect.
  • To maintain state and federal compliance with all civil rights requirements.
  • To ensure nondiscrimination in VTrans programs or activities receiving federal financial assistance by reviewing, consulting and monitoring our practices.
  • To eliminate unlawful discrimination in contracting practices and policies.