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Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ)

What is IDIQ?

  • IDIQ is a two-stage process:
    • In IDIQ, the State is divided into four regions, and types of work are divided into distinct scopes. Contractors may choose the regions and scopes for which they apply.
    • Current scopes of work include Paving, Surface Treatment, Bridge, Large Culvert, Right-of-Way Clearance and Roadway Repair, Slopes & Small Culverts.
    • In awarding Primary Contracts, a Vermont Agency of Transportation selection committee gauges the qualifications of each contractor, and may award all, or only some, of the regions or scopes requested by that contractor.
    • When opportunities arise for specific tasks, all Primary Contract holders that were awarded the scope of work and region connected with a particular task will receive an opportunity to bid on that task.
    • Tasks are awarded to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder.
  • How do I get a Primary Contract to allow me to bid on IDIQ task bid request?