2017 VTrans Research Symposium

Presentations During the State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC) Annual Meeting September 28, 2017

Find the presentations linked to the agenda items here: Agenda for STIC Annual Meeting

September 28, 2017 VTrans Research Symposium and STIC Annual Meeting Poster Presentations

Planning and Safety – (Fifth Floor Board Room—513)

Implementation of Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) and Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs) along an Urban Traffic Signal Corridor: Real Time Traffic Information through DSRC Deployment (Pending Award)
Presenter:  Derek Lyman, VTrans
Fact Sheet       Poster

SK1 Data Mapping Framework
Presenter:  Stephen Smith, VTrans
Fact Sheet       Presentation       Poster

Conduct of Road Safety Audit Reviews at High Crash Locations
Presenter:  Mario Dupigny-Giroux, VTrans
Fact Sheet      Poster

Automated Speed Enforcement in Vermont
Presenter:  Mario Dupigny-Giroux, VTrans
Fact Sheet       Poster

Examining the Potential Impacts of Maintenance Investment and Capital Reinvestment in Vermont’s Roadway Infrastructure Network
Presenter: Karen Sentoff, UVM
Fact Sheet       Final Report        Poster

VTrans Employee Retention Study and Knowledge Management Pilot
Researchers: Carol Vallet, Jennifer Jewiss, Glenn McRae, UVM
Fact Sheet       Poster

Case Studies of Using Unmanned Aircraft Systems to Improve Safety and Increase Efficiency
Researcher: Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne, UVM
Fact Sheet       Poster

All in One Survey-Vermont Travel
Researcher: Jon Dowds, Lisa Aultman-Hall, UVM
Fact Sheet       Poster      Final Report

EDC 3:  Smarter Work Zones
Presenter:  Nancy Avery, VTrans
Fact Sheet       Poster

Structures - (Fourth Floor Board Room—413)

SHRP2 C19:  Expediting Project Delivery
Presenter:  Laura Stone, VTrans
Fact Sheet     Final Report       Poster

Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC)
Presenter:  Stephen Coley, VTrans
Fact Sheet       Poster

SHRP 2 R15B Identifying and Managing Utility Conflicts
Presenter:  Shaun Corbett, VTrans
Fact Sheet        Final Report        Poster

e-Construction at VTrans
Presenter:  Josh Hulett, VTrans
Fact Sheet       Poster

Prediction and Mitigation of Scour and Scour Damage to Vermont Bridges
Researcher: Mandar Dewoolkar, UVM
Fact Sheet       Final Report       Poster

Using Remote Data Collection to Identify Bridges and Culverts Susceptible to Blockage During Flooding Events
Researcher: Jim Sullivan, UVM
Fact Sheet      Final Report       Poster

Quantifying the Vulnerability of Vermont Bridges to Seismic Loading
Researcher: Mandar Dewoolkar, Eric Hernandez, John Lens, UVM
Fact Sheet       Poster

The changing risk of extreme event impacts on Vermont transportation infrastructure
Researcher: Arne Bomblies
Fact Sheet       Poster

Collaborative Hydraulics:  Advancing to the Next Generation of Engineering (CHANGE)
Presenter:  Nick Wark, VTrans
Fact Sheet       Poster

Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Prefabricated and Prestressed Reinforced Bridge Elements and Structures
Presenter:  Dryver Huston et al., UVM
Fact Sheet       Poster

Materials/Pavements - (Third Floor Board Room—313)

VTrans Recycled Materials Activities
Presenter:  James “Buzz” Surwilo, ANR
Fact Sheet       Poster

Pavement Life
Presenter:  Emily Parkany, VTrans
Fact Sheet       2017 Reports       Poster

Experimental Features
Presenter:  Emily Parkany, VTrans
Fact Sheet       Poster

Freeze-Thaw Durability Of Pervious Concrete With Salt Exposure
Presenter:  Adam Sevi, Norwich University; Edwin Smeckpeper, Norwich University; Mandar Dewoolkar, UVM 
Fact Sheet        Final Report       Poster

SHRP 2 R07:  Full-Depth Reclamation Performance Related Specification
Presenter:  Mark Woolaver, VTrans
Fact Sheet        Final Report       Poster

Suitability of Intelligent Compaction for Relatively Smaller-Scale Projects in Vermont
Researcher: Ehsan Ghazanfari, UVM
Fact Sheet        Final Report       Poster

High Speed Ground Penetrating Radar for Road Pavement and Bridge Structural Inspection and Maintenance
Researcher: Tian Xia
Fact Sheet        Final Report       Poster

Environmental/Snow and Ice - (Catamount—215)

Reducing Wildlife Mortality on Roads in Vermont: Determining Relationships between structures attributes and wildlife movement frequency through bridges and culverts to improve conservation investments
Presenter: Paul Marangelo
Fact Sheet       Final Report       Poster

Investigation of Northern Long Eared Bat Roosting Sites on Bridges
Researcher: Scott Civjan, UMass Amherst
Fact Sheet      Final Report       Poster

Effective Establishment of Native Grasses on Roadsides in New England
Researcher: Julia Kuzovkina, UConn
Fact Sheet        Final Report

Identifying Best Practices for Snowplow Route Optimization
Researcher: Jon Dowds, Jim Sullivan, UVM
Fact Sheet        Final Report       Poster

Quantifying the Impact New Capital Projects will have on Roadway Snow and Ice Control Operations
Researcher: Jim Sullivan, UVM
Fact Sheet        Final Report       Poster