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WPPT2: Modernization of VTrans Training Center In-Person Training to Virtual and eLearning Training

Brief Project Description: The VTrans Training Center is modernizing in-person training to maximize the use of virtual classrooms and eLearning formats to create efficiencies and minimize in person contact during the COVID pandemic. This format will also be the future of training at AOT, saving countless hours and State dollars on travel time. Training content includes supervisory and leadership development training, health and safety training, technical, and job specific training. Virtual classrooms allow for live training in virtual group settings to maximize collaboration and relationship building across the Agency. eLearning is provided in a self-serve environment and can be completed at a convenient time and location. Mandated trainings can be assigned and tracked for compliance with escalating notifications to Employees, Supervisors and Managers.

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Presenters: Christine Hetzel, VTTC

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