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Construction Updates

A line of orange VTrans dump trucks on the interstate next to a roadway project with exposed dirt and grader

The following is a list of construction projects that have dedicated personnel to help keep the public informed on the progress of projects, answer questions, and hear concerns. To receive weekly updates for a specific project, please contact the corresponding public information consultant and reference the project you'd like to follow.

*If you are a member of the media and want more information about a specific project, please reach out to Amy Tatko:

Municipality Project  Description Public Info Consultant
Belvidere Belvidere STP CULV(77) Culvert Replacement along VT Route 109 in Belvidere Stephanie Barrett -

NH SURF(81) Bennington

Resurfacing of VT Route 279 in Bennington

Marcy Miller -

Bennington BENNINGTON STP 1000(23) Intersection improvement project at VT Route 67A, Matteson Road, Silk Road and College Drive  Elaine Ezerins -

NH SURF(82) Bennington

Resurfacing of U.S. Route 7 in Bennington

Marcy Miller -

Bennington - Pownal

NH SURF(72) Pownal

Resurfacing of U.S. Route 7 beginning at the Massachusetts/Vermont State border extending north to Bennington Marcy Miller -
Berlin Berlin STP SURF(83) Resurfacing of Airport Road and Berlin State Highway Bethany Oprendek -
Berlin-Barre Berlin-Barre STP SURF(75) Resurfacing of Vermont Route 62 Bethany Oprendek -
Berlin-Barre Town Berlin -Barre Town STP SURF (84) Resurfacing of Vermont Route 63 Bethany Oprendek -
Bradford IM 091-2(88)C/2 Bradford Multiple bridge rehabilitations along I-91 in Bradford Bethany Oprendek -
Brattleboro Brattleboro - Hinsdale, NH Bridge NHDOT project - replaces the existing twin truss bridges on VT/NH 119 over the Connecticut River with a new structure Bethany Oprendek -
Brattleboro Brattleboro I-91 Bridge Replacements Rehabilitation of Bridges 4N&S located on I-91 at Exit #1 in Brattleboro crossing U.S. Route 5 (Canal Street). Delia Makhetha -
Cambridge-Johnson CAMBRIDGE-JOHNSON STP 2925(1) Resurfacing along VT Route 15 in Cambridge and Johnson Elaine Ezerins -   
Colchester COLCHESTER - HES NH 5600(14) Installation of Vermont's first Diverging Diamond Interchange at I-89 Exit 16 in Colchester

 Exit 16 DDI Public Information Team

Colchester Colchester NH 028-1(31) Improving the interchange at Exit 17 and the Chimney Corner intersection of U.S. Route 2 (U.S. 2) and U.S. Route 7 (U.S. 7) to enhance safety and mobility in Colchester.   Exit 17 Public Information Team
Derby DERBY IM 091-3(56) Paving of I-91 in Derby to the Canadian Border Bethany Oprendek -
Fairfax-St. Albans

STP FPAV(66) Fairfax

Paving on VT 104 from Fairfax MM 6.859 to St Albans Town MM 4.11, and the length of the St Albans State Highway. Brandon Kipp

STP DECK(51) Fairfield

Replace deck of Bridge No. 6 on VT-36 in Fairfield crossing the Fairfield River. Stephanie Barrett -

IM 091-2(96) Fairlee

Rehabilitation of Rock Cut #41 on I-91, in the southbound lane, at MM 92.55-92.60.

Natalie Boyle -
Grafton GRAFTON BF 0125(6) Replacement of bridge No. 20 on FAS Route 125 (Town Highway 1) over the Saxton River in Grafton Elaine Ezerins -   
Hartford HARTFORD NH PS 249(3) Resurfacing along US Route 5 in Hartford Sophia Schintzel -
Hartford HARTFORD (QUECHEE) - NH 020-2(45) C/1 Rehabilitation of the Quechee Gorge Bridge Marcy Miller -
Hartford HARTFORD STP PS 24(2) Resurfacing along US Route 5 in Hartford Sophia Schintzel -
Hartford HARTFORD NHG SGNL(60) This is a composite project with Hartford STP PS 24(2) and Hartford NH PS 24(3) Sophia Schintzel -
Hartford BO 1444(60) Hartford Replacement of Bridge 7 on TH-6 over the White River, including a new alignment Sophia Schintzel -
Ludlow Village

BO 1443(52) Ludlow

Replace existing truss bridge No. 57 on TH324 (Mill St.) in Ludlow Village with a pedestrian bridge  Delia Makhetha
Marshfield, Cabot, West Danville

NH PS19(1) Marshfield

Resurfacing along U.S. Route 2 from Marshfield to Danville Sophia Schintzel -
Milton- St. Albans Town

IM 089-3(83) Milton

A paving project on Interstate 89, from the bridge over the Lamoille River in Milton extending to Exit 19 in St. Albans Town, all lanes northbound and southbound. Stephanie Barrett -

STP PC24(3) Montpelier

Paving along U.S. Route 302 and U.S. Route 2 in Montpelier Delia Makhetha -

NH PC24(2) Montpelier

Paving along U.S. Route 2 beginning at Bailey Ave intersection in Montpelier on U.S. Route 2  progressing to the Berlin/Montpelier townline. Delia Makhetha -
Montpelier MONTPELIER NH PS24(12) Night paving Montpelier State Highway (Memorial Drive). Bethany Oprendek -
Northfield-Berlin NORTHFIELD-BERLIN STP PS24(1)  Paving Vermont Route 12 from Northfield to the Berlin/Montpelier town line, along with Montpelier Junction State Highway (Dog River Road) and the Montpelier Park and Ride.  Bethany Oprendek -
Pittsford BF 019-3(59)

Replace Bridge No. 108 on U.S. Route 7 in Pittsford, over Furnace Brook.

Stephanie Barrett -
Poultney Poultney BO 1443(53) Replacement of Bridge No. 7 on TH-6 (On the Green) in Poultney over the Poultney River Bethany Oprendek -
Richmond IM 089-2(52) Richmond Replacement of Bridge No. 29 on U.S. route 2 in Richmond over I-89. Stephanie Barrett -
Richmond - Bolton  STP 2924(1) Richmond Resurfacing of U.S. Route 2 from Richmond to Bolton Stephanie Barrett -
Royalton BF 0147(29) Royalton Replacement NECR bridge over VT Route 14 in Royalton, including a realignment of the roadway Elisabeth Sundberg -
Royalton IM 089-1(63) This bridge maintenance project addresses structural deficiencies and deterioration in the existing deck, superstructure, and substructure of the I-89 bridge over VT 107 near Exit 3. Elisabeth Sundberg -
Rutland City RUTLAND CITY NH PC24(1) Class 1 paving project on US Route 7, US Route 4, and US Business Route 4 Annabelle Dally -
Springfield-Hartland SPRINGFIELD-HARTLAND IM SURF (68) Resurfacing on I91 SB only from MM 41.4 to 66.47 including ramps. Bethany Oprendek -
Sunderland BM20102 and NH CULV(122) Construction on bridges #19-5 and #19-7, both on U.S. Route 7 in Sunderland Elaine Ezerins -
Westminster WESTMINSTER - IM 091-1(70)  Replacement of decks and bearings on Bridges No. 21 North and South on I-91 over VT Route 121 in Westminster Natalie Boyle -
Worcester WORCESTER BF 0241(59) Replacement of Bridge No. 84 on VT Route 12 over the North Branch of Winooski River Sophia Schintzel -