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Online Crash Manual


Welcome to the Investigators Guide for Completing the Uniform Crash Report.

To download forms, a manual or both please select the Download link on the navigation menu and follow the instructions.

  • Each form provides space for the reporting of information relative to two vehicles or a vehicle and a pedestrian.

  • Each form also provides space for the reporting of information relative to seven involved persons.

  • Whenever the number of vehicles or involved persons exceeds the space available on the form, additional forms must be utilized.

  • When using additional forms, the third, fourth and fifth vehicles being reported will always be reported as Vehicles #3, #4 and #5 respectively. The preprinted Vehicle 1 and Vehicle 2 should be crossed out and the correct vehicle number substituted accordingly.

  • Use United States Postal Service Standard State Abbreviations when entering such information.

Use the following data entry sequence during the crash investigation:

  1. Complete Page 1 (face page of the report)
  2. Use Overlay 1 to enter data into unshaded boxes
  3. Use Overlay 2 to enter data into shaded boxes, complete
    relevant sections
  4. Complete Page 3, relevant sections
  5. Complete Crash Narrative on Page 2, if necessary
  6. Complete Crash Diagram on Page 4, if necessary
  • Be sure to provide each operator with a colored copy of Page 1 of the crash report OR send electronically via email feature in Web Crash.

  • Be sure that overlay arrows are correctly aligned with the shaded and unshaded boxes on Page 1 of the crash form.

  • Be sure to place the cardboard separator between the form being used and the following form in the pad to prevent inadvertent data transfer.