Traffic Data

Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) Reports
These popular reports show the AADT for each traffic segment along a route. The routes are divided into three reports*, depending on the route designation. The reports are updated on a three year cycle.

* Local roads are not included in the Route Log AADT reports, however VTrans has a program in place to conduct a limited number of traffic counts on local roads and these counts and their associated AADTs may be found on the web-based Traffic Data Management System. See below.

Traffic Data Management System
Website Link: VTrans Traffic Data Management System
This web-based interactive map is a helpful tool for viewing and downloading traffic count data including traffic volume, vehicle classification, vehicles speeds and vehicle weights. Please refer to the User Info Sheet for tips on navigating the system.

Traffic Count Location History Report
PDF: StationHistory2015web.pdf
Excel: StationHistory2015webReadOnly.xlsx
This report shows the Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) history for each traffic count location.

Vehicle Classification Report
PDF: 2015AVCweb.pdf
Excel: 2015AVCwebReadOnly.xlsx
Many traffic counts capture vehicle classification as well as the volume of vehicles. This report shows the most recent vehicle classification summary for each count location.

Turning Movement Listing Report TMC DB 2015.pdf
VTrans conducts manual turning movement counts at intersections statewide. This report lists the intersections counted and the dates and times on which the counts were conducted. The count data is available on the web-based Traffic Data Management System (see above).

Continuous Traffic Counter Report (“The Redbook”) Redbook2015web.pdf
“The Redbook”, named for its long history of being published with a red cover, is an annual compilation of continuous traffic counter statistics; including Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT), Design Hourly Volume (DHV), Seasonal Adjustment Factors, and AADT Growth Factors.

Continuous Traffic Counter (CTC) High Hour Report
PDF: 2015HighHourReport.pdf
Excel: 2015HighHourReportWebReadOnly.xlsx
This report lists selected Year 2015 high hours that occurred at each CTC location.

Continuous Traffic Counter (CTC) Monthly Reports
VTrans prepares monthly traffic volume reports for each of the approximately 65 continuous traffic counters located statewide. These are posted below:

2017 CTC 2016 CTC 2015 CTC
Jan 2017 Jan 2016 Jan 2015
Feb 2017 Feb 2016 Feb 2015
  Mar 2016 Mar 2015
  Apr 2016 Apr 2015
  May 2016 May 2015
  Jun 2016 Jun 2015
  Jul 2016 Jul 2015
  Aug 2016 Aug 2015
  Sep 2016 Sep 2015
  Oct 2016 Oct 2015
  Nov 2016 Nov 2015
  Dec 2016 Dec 2015

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