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CADD Status

January 2011, The Vermont Agency of Transportation officially implemented MicroStation V8i and standardization of V8i resource files. These V8i resource files are available at (Vermont Agency of Transportation V8 CADD Project Configuration & Resource Files)

All Drawing file submitted to the VAOT must be V8i compatible. We will be using MicroStation V8i to open and use all drawings submitted during the design process and post design process. Additional all drawing submitted to the Agency of Transportation must use only Agency provided MicroStation Workspace resources. The above statements are relative to contracted Agency design projects.

VAOT provides both Metric and English MicroStation DGN seed files. Vermont uses U.S. Survey Foot (1 ft = 0.3048006 m), not the International Foot (1 ft = 0.3048 m).

CADD files must be created and populated with data in accordance with the standards stated in the “CADD Standards and Procedure manual” documentation, in order to create consistent plan appearance, improve reproduction quality, and allow for efficient manipulation of drawings and data. CADD files shall conform to all aspects of this document. This includes files created by Survey, Roadway Design, and all Project Design groups; files used to produce Standard Sheets and Bridge Data sheets; and files created by all other Agency or Consultant Suppliers of CADD information. The Agency has created and maintains an extensive library of CADD resource files including Level Library files. Consistent use of these files is essential if CADD is to be used effectively and efficiently.

Implementation of named levels along with corresponding level description in the design file will provide for intelligent data. Experienced and new designers have the ability to draw on levels that define the feature or elements that are generated. Elements being placed with ByLevel attributes will automatically have the standard color, line style, and line weight. Using a combination of level naming and ByLevel symbology we have a standard settings management system.