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Our Network

The VT CORS Network consists of 18 reference stations across the State. All stations, excluding VJSC and VTWR, are accredited with NOAA CORS Network (NCN) status. VTrans uses Trimble Pivot Platform software to configure and monitor the quality of data from the reference stations. This specialized software provides users with Real-Time Network (RTN/VRS) solutions in addition to the traditional single-base solutions. Users can access the raw GNSS data in multiple formats, epoch intervals, and data spans on the Vermont Enhanced CORS and Transmission of Real-time (VECTOR) corrections website.

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Equipment Replacement Plan

To ensure the longevity of this service, VTrans established a replacement plan for all reference station equipment in the VT CORS Network. This plan is a long-term, proactive solution that accounts for equipment life expectancy and keeps purchasing costs manageable.

Since 2018, VTrans updated seven reference stations with a Trimble Alloy GNSS Reference Receiver – the current replacement model. As of the Fall of 2021, three Trimble NetR5 receivers remain in use. These older units were purchased from 2006-2009 and are reaching, or exceeding, the expected lifespan of 7-10 years. It is our goal to replace the NetR5 units with the current replacement model by the end of 2023. The remaining seven stations utilize the Trimble NetR9 receiver model, all purchased from 2009-2018. All NetR9 units will start being replaced with the current model starting in 2024. This plan guarantees that by the beginning of 2025, all receivers will be less than ten years old.

Currently, station antennas are replaced at the time of failure.

Approximate Equipment Costs*

Trimble Alloy GNSS Reference Receiver: $15,000

Trimble Zephyr Geodetic 3 Antenna: $3,000

*Actual costs may vary depending on available equipment trade-in promotions

Receiver Purchasing Plan By Year

2021: $45,000 (3 Receivers)

2022: $45,000 (3 Receivers)

2023: $45,000 (3 Receivers)

2024: $45,000 (3 Receivers)