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Bicycle & Pedestrian Design Resources

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Program goal is to provide safe and convenient facilities for those Vermonters who desire alternative transportation opportunities.  Below are design resources for Bicycle and Pedestrian improvements. 

Sommer Bucossi
Telephone: (802) 272-5029
E-mail address:

FHWA Resources:

Other National Resources:

Complete Streets Resources:

Engineering Instructions

  • HSDEI 24-001        Complete Streets Guidance
  • HSDEI 15-103        11 Foot Lane Width
  • HSDEI 16-102        Guidelines for Pedestrian Crossing Treatments
  • HSDEI 17-100         Bicycle Facility Design Guidance (use of buffers and green markings)
  • TEI 18-606                Pedestrian and Bicycle Work Zone Guidance


Standard Drawings

Other Design Guidance

Accessibility Guidance:

Pop-up/Demonstration Projects

Cost Estimating Resources