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Accelerated Bridge Program

The Accelerated Bridge Program (ABP) was created and endorsed by Vermont’s Agency of Transportation Secretary Brian Searles in 2012.  The goals of the ABP were first and foremost to replace the 13 state structures destroyed as a result of Tropical Storm Irene.  All off these structures were designed and reconstructed over the course of 24 months through this innovative program.  Many of the structures utilized short duration road closures as opposed to temporary bridges and used Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) technology to ensure closures were as short as possible. 

Today, the program continues to deliver projects quickly and relies on accelerated bridge construction as a means to reduce road closure durations. The ABP is considered a laboratory of innovation and we are proud to deliver projects using ABC technologies such as Slide-In bridge replacement, Precast Bridge Elements and High Performance concretes to ensure high quality connections. The ABP draws on the experiences of a Nation focused on reducing impacts to the traveling public by using proven ABC technologies as well as proven project delivery strategies. While Vermont is a small state, we are a big player in the world of accelerated bridge construction and have presented our successes to the nation.

Customer service is a high priority in the ABP and saving valuable tax dollars is of utmost importance.  The program has delivered dozens of projects since its creation and enjoys high ratings of public satisfaction as we continue to advance and deliver projects through the program. Our goal of delivering bridge replacement projects in 24 months or less is aggressive and has been met with 90% success.  Keeping folks aware through extensive public outreach is a major focus of the ABP and ensures all road users are adequately informed about impending road closures and can plan accordingly.  Stay tuned for an accelerated bridge construction project coming to your community soon.

Accelerated Bridge Program - VTrans

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