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Aviation Advisory Council

The Vermont Aviation Advisory Council (VAAC) meets quarterly to discuss aviation policy, Vermont Airport investment programs, air project priorities, and actions. More information can be found at the State of Vermont Board and Commissions website.
Establishing Statute: EO 11-03
Description: This council shall be responsible for recommending an aviation policy for Vermont, an investment program for Vermont airports, airport classifications, air project priorities, and actions to enhance the linkage between Vermont's aviation industry and the State's economic vitality. It shall also serve as a forum for aviation-related issues and encourage cooperation between the Agency of Transportation and airport business operators.

Board Members
Joe Flynn  Secretary, Agency of Transportation, Chair

Carrigan, Chris 
Carroccio, Paul  
Clark, Kyle  
Rep. Coffey, Sara 
Coy, Clifford 
Dolgin, Steve  
Flint, Bob 
Hanf, Bill 
Hildebrandt, Jamie 
Longo, Nicholas 
White, Doug 


Next Meeting 1:00 - 3:00 PM on Tuesday, November 14th, 2023

Latest Agenda

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Latest DRAFT Minutes

VAAC Archived Meeting Minutes

Latest Approved Minutes
For information and scheduling, please contact Trini Brassard,  Aviation Program Administrator: 802-522-8112 or via email: