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FTP Information

FTP - File Transfer Protocol Site,

  1. Create a folder on your system
  2. Name the Folder with the project VAOT PPMS number
  3. Place Consultant Files in the Project Folder
  4. Fill in the File Submission Index (Available on at VAOT CADD Help)or similar list of files being submitted.
  5. Login to the VAOT FTP site. User name and Password must be requested from agency designated FTP CADD Support personnel.
  6. Browse to folder
  7. Drag and Drop the project folder to the FTP Incoming directory.
  8. E-mail VAOT the project manager and designated CADD support personnel to download the files to the appropriate VAOT project Consultant folder.

Download >> File Submission Index Form

CADD SFTP (Thin Client) for more advanced options seeSFTP instruction below)
and concider using CoreFTP LE free version
INCOMING (four Agency Incoming Document)
OUTGOING (Agency Outgoing Documents)
Agency Secure File Transfer Site [SFTP]