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VTrans Grants in Aid Program

VTrans Municipal GRANTs in AID Program

The VTrans Municipal Grants In Aid Program provides technical support and grant funding to municipalities to promote the use of erosion control and maintenance techniques that save money while ensuring best management practices  are completed in accordance with the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation’s Municipal Roads General Permit (MRGP.)

Ross Gouin - Grants in Aid Manager
(802) 595-2381    e-mail address:

Christine Emmons - Grants in Aid Coordinator  
(802) 917-2598    e-mail address:

Ashley Andrews - Assistant Grants in Aid Coordinator  
(802) 498-5548    e-mail address:


SFY 2025 Grants in Aid Program:

Preconstruction Site Summary Form:

Municipal Invoicing Form:

Previously Awarded Grants:


Municipal Roads General Permit (MRGP) Resources