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East Montpelier Bridge US2 & VT14 Sand Filter


Water Quality Unit

The Water Quality Unit includes regulatory oversight and technical assistance associated with stormwater permitting and management on VTrans facilities, striving to ensure proper design, construction, operation, maintenance, and regulatory compliance with Federal and State Water Quality Standards and Stormwater Management Rules, Regulations, and Laws.

VTrans Clean Water Factsheet 2024

Transportation Separate Storm Sewer System (TS4) General Permit

The Water Quality Unit oversees compliance on the Transportation Separate Storm Sewer System (TS4) Permit. The TS4 permit (effective 11/29/2017) is an all-encompassing permit for the Vermont Agency of Transportation that regulates stormwater discharges from VTrans road and non-road developed lands. It is specific to the unique linear nature of VTrans' infrastructure and allows several stormwater programs to be rolled into one comprehensive regulatory program.

TS4 Annual Report 2023

TS4 Annual Report Workbook 2023

TS4 Stormwater Management Program

For more information visit the VT Agency of Natural Resource's TS4 page:

 Transportation (TS4) General Permit

Water Quality Unit Collaborations

Lake Champlain Basin Program

Lake Champlain Basin Program

Rethink Runnoff

Rethink Runnoff 

Clean Water Advisory Committee

Clean Water Advisory Committee

Memphremagog Watershed Collaborative

Memphremagog Watershed Association

For additional information regarding VTrans Stormwater considerations in project design and development see the Highway Division’s Stormwater Management page.

The Water Quality Unit is managed by Jennifer Callahan, Stormwater Technician, who oversees 3 regional stormwater technicians. For contact information and regional coverage see the “Regional Stormwater Technician Coverage Map"

Jennifer Callahan, Manager Water Quality Unit 
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