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Phase II scope is defined and initial analysis has begun. Check back soon for a Statewide meeting date/time.

On-Road Bicycle Plan Phase I has concluded.

The project report, the finalized map and VTrans response documents are now available.


The Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) is developing an On-Road Bicycle Plan in support of enhancing on-road bicycle improvements on the State roads. The VTrans On-Road Bicycle Plan is a planning effort to categorize the state roads into high-, moderate- and low-use/priority corridors based on current and potential bicycle use. The Plan will assist VTrans in understanding where to focus limited resources towards bicycle improvements and, allow better integration into Agency projects and activities.

Project Status

In the Fall of 2014 we began the VTrans On-Road Bicycle Plan, in April 2015 we developed a Draft Desirability Map of priority bicycle corridors. The Draft Desirability Map was preliminary and presented for comment at the Statewide meeting #2 held on April 30, 2015. Since then we have responded to comments and created the VTrans Bicycle Corridor Priority Map (formerly the Draft Desirability Map). The VTrans Bicycle Corridor Priority Map represents current and potential bicycle use. This map will be used by VTrans to prioritize improvements in projects and maintenance activities.Bicycle use was determined by analysis of land use patterns, access and proximity to destinations, data collected on recreational bicycling, and over 2100 Vermonters providing public input through the project’s interactive crowdsourcing map (aka WikiMap).

On-Road Bicycle Plan Phase Overview

Plan Phase 1: DETERMINE USE on state roads using data and public input to create the VTrans Bicycle Corridor Priority Map. Priority corridors are state roads categorized into high-, moderate- and low-use based on current and potential bicycle use.

  • September 2014 – Project Kick-Off Meeting with 1st Steering Committee
  • November 2014– 2nd Steering Committee Meeting, Launch of interactive WikiMapping Tool
  • December 2014/January 2015- 1st Statewide Public Meeting using Vermont Interactive Technology
  • February 2015 - public comment period
  • March 2015 – 3rd Steering Committee Meeting
  • April 30, 2015-- 2nd Statewide Public Meeting using Vermont Interactive Technology
  • May 2015 - public comment period
  • June thru September 2015- Revised Terms, Methodology and Map based on public comment, created FAQ, a response document and draft report
  • October 2015 - 4th Steering Committee Meeting
  • December 1, 2015 - 3rd Statewide Public Meeting using Vermont Interactive Technology, public comment period
  • January thru April 2016 - Concluded Phase I, finalized report and VTrans Bicycle Corridor Priority Map, defined scope for Phase II

Plan Phase 2: EVALUATE NEEDS by identifying on-road bicycle facility gaps between project defined evaluation criteria and current roadway conditions for the high use/priority corridors and identify bicycle safety constraints on all state roads.

  • Timeline - TBD

Plan Phase 3: IDENTIFY IMPROVEMENT STRATEGIES along high-use bicycle corridors and develop an implementation plan based on the results of Phase II.

  • Timeline - TBD

Project Team Phase I

VTrans provides overall project management and day-to-day guidance to the consultant team with guidance from an internal working group and a stakeholder group. The consultant team assists in preparing the Plan in unison with public participation and the interactive crowdsourcing mapping tool (aka WikiMap). The consultant team consists of Resource System Group (RSG), Alta Planning and Local Motion.

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Please direct all comments, concerns, and questions by calling a project manager or sending an email.

Amy Bell, Planning Coordinator, 802-828-2678

Sommer Roefaro Bucossi, Planning Coordinator, 802-828-3884


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