The Permitting Services unit reviews and issues commercial and residential permits for all work performed within Agency-owned rights-of-way. This includes the installation and maintenance of utility facilities and the construction and maintenance of commercial accesses to property adjacent to the rights-of-way, including permits under 19 VSA 1111, commonly referred to as Section 1111 permits.

State Highway Access and Work Permit (19 VSA 1111), Section 1111

For projects involving access to a state highway, applicants for municipal site plan approval must include a letter of intent from VTrans that confirms that the Agency has reviewed the proposed site plan and is prepared to issue a State Highway Access and Work Permit. The letter of intent will itemize any conditions that the agency attaches to the permit.

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Craig Keller, P.E., Chief of Permitting Services  |  (802) 279-1152,

Right-of-Way, Utility Coordination Unit

NOTICE: Effective July 1, 2016, the Vermont Agency of Transportation, State Highway Access and Work Permit has an administrative processing fee. The applicant is to submit a check payable to the State of Vermont for the calculated fee (see Fee Schedule), and a completed hard copy legal size 8.5 x 14 permit application.