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Demonstration Projects

Demonstration Projects on State Highway Right of Way

Demonstration projects are a way for communities to evaluate the impact of a roadway change, such as to improve walking, bicycling, transit access, public spaces, and traffic flow, without making a permanent, and often expensive, investment. VTrans has developed a guidance document that describes demonstration project options available on the State system, issues that need to be considered, the state approval processes, and provides links to resources with additional information. It provides an orientation on the topic and is not a design guide or standard.

Guidance Document: Demonstration Projects in State Highway Right-of-Way

How do I apply for a demonstration project in my community?

The first step is to submit a concept proposal to VTrans Planning Manager, Matthew Arancio, matthew.arancio@vermont.gov802-793-7489 . After reviewing the concept proposal for completeness, VTrans will facilitate a consultation meeting with VTrans subject matter experts to discuss your project goals and purpose and determine next steps.

The concept proposal should include: 

  • a narrative describing the proposed project, including location and proposed duration
  • the goal/intent of the project
  • 3-5 relevant photos illustrating the area of concern
  • a sketch plan illustrating the intended demonstration project

View the Agency's Policy for requesting Demonstration Projects on State Highway ROW.